For those Amazon faithful, you’re in for a treat. Amazon now offers their own brand of dog food called WAG. It’s a grain-free, 35% protein, 15% fat diet that sports whole meats, peas, and lentils as main ingredients. So, how does this dog food stack up against all of the other brands available on Amazon? Let’s find out.

You’re no doubt familiar with Amazon and their vast array of products, including hundreds of brands of dog food. WAG dog food is a little different from those dog foods featured as it is produced by Amazon itself. Amazon oversees that production of WAG in California, USA. That way, they are able to source ingredients that they trust and produce a reliable product that they can stand behind. That makes it easy to offer a money back guarantee.

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Editorial Rating

What we like:
Real, whole meat as the first ingredient!

Special Offer: 40% off first purchase

What We Like

  • High protein means it provides high energy
  • Five different flavors to appease even the picky eaters (chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, and turkey)
  • Available in a five-pound trial size
  • Real, whole meat as the first ingredient
  • Fast shipping- it’s Amazon after all!

What We Don’t Like

  • Issues with kibble arriving crushed
  • Some “controversial” ingredients (peas, pea protein, beet pulp) which may concern some dog parents
  • A lot of plant-based protein
  • May upset some tummies, especially without a gradual transition
Patsy eating from bowl
It’s Patsy approved

Important Features

  • No added grains, chemical preservatives, or artificial flavors. No corn, wheat, or grains is a must for dogs with allergies to these ingredients.
  • Formulated with veterinarians to obtain a high protein, moderate fat food to extra energy and complete nutrition
  • Real meat as the first ingredient. The first ingredient listed is the most abundant ingredient in the food and real meat is a dog’s dietary best friend.
  • Made in the USA. While some ingredients may come from elsewhere, the product is mixed in the USA to ensure quality.
  • Money back guarantee. If you or your dog are unhappy within the product, you can expect a refund as long as you’re within a year of the purchase date.

How Much Does It Cost?

Wag package
It comes in an Amazon box

WAG dry dog food is comparably priced to other good quality dry dog food brands out there. The cost per day is going to depend on your dog’s size and activity level.

For example, my 20 lb. Miniature Aussie eating 1 ½ cups would cost around $0.31 per day or $2.20 per week.

My very active 55 lb. Border Collie eating 3 ¾ cups would cost around $0.79 per day or $5.51 per week.

A large-breed, Great Dane type weighing 165 pounds eating 8 cups would cost around $1.68 per day or $11.76 per week.

Dog food bowl
It has a good kibble size for most dogs

What’s WAG Made Of?

Let’s take a look at the first four ingredients and then any others that may be questionable.

Again, the first ingredient in all WAG formulations is a real, whole meat. This doesn’t mean a by-product or meat meal, it means real muscle meat. Next, we get into the meat meals. Now these are organ meats and other tissues that are cooked down to remove water and fat. They don’t contain hair, hooves, etc. as you may think, and depending on the quality it can actually be pretty nutritious.

The next ingredient is lentils which is a great source of protein, fiber and carbohydrates. Then comes pea protein and peas. Pea protein is what is left after removing the starch and can actually be quite high in protein. Peas themselves add additional protein, fiber and carbohydrates.

In case I scared you with the word “controversial” in the bullet list above, let me further explain. One of those controversial ingredients is peas, also lentils and pea protein. Lentils and peas are both legumes that have recently been implicated to cause dilated cardiomyopathy and possibly death in dogs. While this accusation has seen been dashed and legumes have been cleared, I think it’s safe to say that some dog parents are a little weary.

Dog eating food from bag
Some couldn’t wait for it to be in a bowl

Another controversial is brewer’s yeast. This by-product of beer making is added due to its mineral and other healthy nutrient content. Some worry that it may cause bloat-it’s a yeast after all-or allergies. Bloat has never been linked to brewer’s yeast, but allergies may be an actual concern. As long as your dog isn’t allergic, brewer’s yeast is an ingredient that can provide significant nutrition to your pup.

Finally, we have beet pulp. Many view beet pulp as a simple filler with no real value. It’s true that beet pulp is used as a source of fiber, something that every dog needs to maintain proper digestive health. No food can be without fillers or we would have some serious constipation issues at hand.

The Final Verdict

All in all, the ingredients in WAG are pretty good. Real meat is a great source of protein, but this food also contains many plant-based proteins. Fortunately, dogs are able to utilize protein from plant sources almost as well as they can that from meat. The real issue is in getting the amino acid balance right. Meat has the leg up on plant proteins as it can provide all essential amino acids. No plant source can do that so they have to be pieced together in order to complete the amino acid puzzle. All this means is to be a little leery of dog foods that are low in meat proteins and high in plant-based ones.