The Best Dog Training Clickers

Training your dog to react to commands quickly and reliably can be a challenge, but some people find it easier using dog training clickers. When your dog follows a command correctly you click to mark the behavior and give a reward. It’s usually quicker to click, rather than saying “yes” or “good,” because you don’t… Read More

The Best Dog Agility Training Equipment

For dogs who are active and love a challenge, agility is a fun way to enhance their mental and physical fitness. If your dog likes to jump and climb, and is the curious type, agility training equipment could be part of your exercise routine. With obstacles like the tunnel and weave poles, your pooch will… Read More

The Best Dog Repellent Sprays

A dog may be a person’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean he always behaves himself. Dog repellent sprays are used as training tools to stop unwanted behavior like urine marking or chewing as well as a protective aid against dog aggression. Some formulas are designed for indoor and outdoor use, while others are meant… Read More

The Best Puppy Pads

When you adopt a puppy, you often have to buy a lot of gear to go with your new family member. Food and water dishes, dog gates, collars, and leashes are just a few of the items you might need to welcome your new pet. In some instances, puppy pads may also be necessary. Puppy… Read More

The Best Bark Collars

Dogs bark. In fact, many of us count on them to alert us to potential danger. But sometimes the barking can become a nuisance.  The reasons dogs bark are numerous, and like a child’s cry, a dog’s bark may vary in tone so that you can identify each purpose. Most commonly, dogs bark to alert… Read More

The Best Dog Muzzles

Dog muzzles often bring to mind images of large, aggressive dogs, but in reality there are reasons for a dog to wear a muzzle that have nothing to do with them being mean. Just as some dog owners use wireless dog fences to ensure the safety of both their dogs and passersby, dog muzzles are… Read More

The Best Dog Training Collars

Just like people, every dog is different. The breed and the way you raise them are certainly factors, but sometimes their individual personality is the biggest determiner when it comes to the ease of training. You may have been able train one dog without any aides at all but still find yourself scratching your head… Read More