Dogs in hawaiian lays

Hawaii is home to beautiful beaches, pristine water, and lush greenery. The native language is just as mesmerizing and diverse, filled with interesting words perfect for naming your pet.

So whether you wish to reflect your heritage or capture the aloha spirit, here are some of the best Hawaiian dog names that will make your dog stand out and remind you of the paradise of the Pacific whenever you call for them.

Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses 

Hawaiian mythology stems from ancient legends. These myths come from spiritual belief in how the natives are devoted to their islands. 

  • Kane (God of Forests and Wild Floods) 
  • Ku (God of War) 
  • Laka (Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Fertility) 
  • Lilinoe (Goddess of Mist) 
  • Lono (God of Peace, Music, Learning, and Cultivated Foods) 
  • Maui (God of the Sun) 
  • Pele (Goddess of Fire / Volcano Goddess) 
  • Poli’ahu (Goddess of Snow) 

Give your dog a name symbolic of their personality. All the Gods and Goddesses are particular to a specific place or landscape of the islands. 

The modern world doesn’t make nature-based connections to mythology anymore, but Hawaii still worships its spirits just as they’ve done in the past. 

Hawaiian Female Dog Names 

Some Hawaiian female dog names have beautiful and elegant meanings. Your dog deserves a name that shows its aloha to the world. 

Here’s a list of Hawaiian female dog names for your adorable new dog: 

  • Alaula (Sunrise) 
  • Akela (Wisdom) 
  • Ewalani (Heavenly woman) 
  • Kani (Sound) 
  • Kalea (Bright) 
  • Lalama (Darling) 
  • Leilani (Royal child) 
  • Lilo (Generous) 
  • Malina (Calming) 
  • Nalani (Heavens) 
  • Nani (Beauty) 
  • Olina (Joyous) 

Traditional female names in Hawaiian have delightful meanings for extraordinary women. These Hawaiian words are perfect options for your female dog. 

Hawaiian Male Dog Names 

Below are Hawaiian male dog names and their meaning: 


  • Aka (Shadow) 
  • Alemana (Warrior) 
  • Alii (King) 
  • Amoka (Strong) 
  • Analu (Manly) 
  • Kapena (Captain) 
  • Kapono (Goodness) 
  • Kekoa (Brave) 
  • Koa (Bold and brave) 
  • Lupo (Wolf) 
  • Mana (Power) 
  • Mano (Shark) 

Traditional male dog names are known to be robust and traditional. So give your dog a male name that they’ll be sure to live up to over the years. 

Nature-Based Hawaiian Dog Names 

Hawaii is known for some of the most stunning nature scenes in the world. These islands are isolated in the Pacific Ocean, making their landscape breathtaking and authentic. 

The following Hawaiian dog names are based on aspects of Hawaiian nature: 

  • Hekili (Thunder) 
  • Kahawai (River) 
  • Kaia (The sea) 
  • Keanu (Cool mountain breeze) 
  • Lani (Sky) 
  • Makani (Wind)
  • Moana (Ocean)  
  • Nalu (Ocean wave) 
  • Plumeria (Flower) 
  • Pualani (Heavenly flower) 

Hawaii is home to scenic sites throughout the islands. Natives have nature-based words that go back centuries because it helps them feel in touch with nature. These nature-based words are an inspiration for your dog’s name, whether they’re male or female. 

Final Thoughts 

Hawaiian dog names sound beautiful, but they also have a wide range of meanings and origins. Drawing inspiration from history, culture, nature, and more, they offer plenty of great candidate names for your furry friend.

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