With the advent of tracking collars and smart collars, dog owners can now look to modern technology to relieve the worry of losing their beloved pets. However, not all of them are equally worth having. The Fi Smart Dog Collar can track a dog’s location with impressive accuracy, so you can quickly and easily locate them if they escape or get lost. It also has other features, such as activity tracking and sleep tracking.

Most buyers agree that it’s extremely reliable tracker. Those who’ve lost their dogs have been pleased about the accuracy, allowing them to find their canine companions sooner. Check out this Fi series 2 dog collar review to learn more.

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What we like:
Reliable, highly accurate location tracking

About the Fi Smart Dog Collar

The Fi Smart Dog Collar is a GPS location tracker and a fitness and wellness tracker for your dog. Your dog wears the collar full time and it transmits relevant data to your phone, via an app. While at home, it connects to your WiFi to track your dog’s whereabouts and movements. When you’re out and about, it uses cellular data.

Fi has its own proprietary algorithms to detect when your dog has left your property and it alerts you right away. So, if your dog escapes while unattended, you can spring into action quickly. Should your dog escape or wander off on a walk, you can activate the lost dog mode to track your dog’s location and set the LED light on the collar to flash red, which can help you locate your dog in low light.

The Fi dog collar is durable, so you can be sure it’ll stand up to the rigors its put under by even the most active of dogs. Thanks to its IP68 waterproof rating, you know it will survive a swim with your canine companion. The collar costs around $150, but you’ll also need to pay a subscription fee if you want to use its tracking features.

Important Features

The impressive features of the Fi collar set it apart from other similar products. These are some of the most important.

  • Impressive battery life. Battery life varies depending on how much time your dog is out of the house, but it lasts approximately 1-2 months of average use. When looking at the Fi dog collar vs Whistle, Fi has a much better battery life.
  • LED light. The LED light in the collar helps keep your dog more visible in low light. It can also be activated as a beacon remotely if your dog is lost.
  • Easy-to-use app. The app is intuitive and easy to use, letting you track your dog’s data and control various aspects of the collar from your phone.
  • Rugged design. This collar is highly durable, so you don’t need to worry about it getting broken just by your dog being a dog.

What We Like

The Fi GPS dog collar has plenty to recommend it.

  • Accurate GPS tracking. To ensure its accuracy, Fi uses three constellations of satellites to pinpoint your dog’s GPS location. This makes it accurate to within 7 feet in clear skies.
  • Effective waterproofing. The IP68 waterproof rating is the highest available. It can safely be submerged in water of up to 5 feet deep for as long as 30 minutes. This means it can easily withstand your dog going for a long swim.
  • Activity tracking capabilities. Not only is this collar a GPS tacker, it also tracks your dog’s activity levels, a bit like a canine FitBit. By inputting data about your dog, such as their size and weight, the app gives you personalized exercise recommendations for your pup.
  • Sleep tracking data. This collar also tracks your dog’s sleep. You might wonder why this is relevant, but changes to and disturbances in a dog’s sleep can be an early sign of various health issues.

What We Don’t Like

No products are perfect, so there are some factors you should consider before committing to the Fi Smart Dog Collar.

  • Monthly subscription required to access all features. If you want to use the lost dog mode to track your dog, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription free.
  • Limited color choices. With the Fi series 2 dog collar, you only have a choice of four collar colors: pink, blue, yellow, and gray.
  • Too large for some dogs. While this collar fits the vast majority of dogs, some owners of toy breeds state the collar is too large for their pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fi collar work without cell service?

It does work without cell service, but not all its features work. The location tracking system uses the AT&T network, so it won’t work in areas where there’s no AT&T cell service. However, activity tracking and sleep tracking modes still work without cell service.

Does Fi collar have a monthly fee?

Yes, there is a subscription fee if you want to use the GPS tracking features. It costs $99 for an annual Fi dog collar subscription, $186 for a two-year subscription, or $248 for a three-year subscription.

Is Fi dog collar worth it?

This really depends on the individual, so you’ll need to think about whether it’s worth it for you and your canine companion. If your dog is prone to wandering off on walks or escaping from your property, it’s absolutely worth it to be able to find them easily. Even if your dog isn’t an escape artist, you may find it worthwhile for the peace of mind it brings you. However, you have to factor in the subscription fees if you intend to use the location tracking functions.

Can you use Fi collar without subscription?

Yes, you can, but you won’t be able to use the lost dog mode to track your dog’s location when they’re out of the house. The activity tracking and sleep tracking work without a subscription, but most buyers want this product for the GPS tracking.

How accurate is the Fi dog collar?

It’s extremely accurate. Under optimal conditions, it can detect the location of your dog to within 7 feet.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

Most buyers comment on how accurate the Fi Smart Collar is, with some telling stories of how they used it to track their lost dogs. People also love the activity tracking feature and exercise recommendations. These are some of the positive Fi series 2 gps tracker smart dog collar reviews that we found.

“We went down to the beach for a few hours and when we got back in the car I noticed my phone had many missed calls and messages about a cute dog roaming the street with my phone number on her tag – and these messages were hours old. My heart sank. When we left her she decided finding her family was more important than a new ham bone and jumped through the balcony to find us. Loba wears a Fi-collar. The rescue we adopted her from actually gave us one. I am SO glad they did. I opened the Fi-collar app and had her exact, real-time location within seconds. I marked her as missing and I had her back within minutes. You can bet I’m now a huge advocate for this collar. If you have a dog I highly recommend looking into them.” – Jackie L., Fi

“I just experienced a three-dog jailbreak. And they had at least fifteen-minute head start on me. Escaped through three open doors. Massive failure on my part. I grabbed my phone and opened Fi, and initiated Lost Dog Mode. Immediately I knew which direction to head. I was amazed at how far they’d gotten. Only our Husky had a tracker, but the other two were right behind her. Within minutes I had them in sight. I got a hold of the Beagles right away. The Husky decided to play games. Fortunately, she was distracted by another dog down in the campground they were traipsing around in (and oh yea, they went for a lake swim, too). With Husky in hand, we haded home for treats. Fi never hiccupped once. I had immediate location updates, even with very hilly terrain and trees. Fi proved itself today!” – Christopher G., Fi

Negative Reviews

Some negative Fi dog collar reviews focus on the collar not fitting right. There are also buyers who only want the GPS tracking and aren’t interested in other features.

“I use this to check on my dog when I am away. All I care about is the GPS tracking, please stop telling me about my dogs steps or activity. I don’t care about that, just give me a map.” – Caesar R., Fi

“I was excited to get this in the mail but was horribly disappointed to see it was TOO BIG for my Chihuahua” – Charles T., Fi

Final Verdict

If you want a GPS tracking collar for your dog, this is one of the best around. You need to commit to a subscription fee, but this is the same for most dog trackers on the market. It’s rugged, waterproof, accurate and reliable, so you get what you’re paying for. You may also be interested in checking out some other options in our review of the best GPS dog trackers.

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