The Best Dog Chew Toys

Does your dog chew every toy they get until it falls apart? Whether you’ve got a teething puppy or a large dog who’s an aggressive chewer, you’ll want to give them something to satisfy their urge. That’s where dog chew toys come in. Tough and (near to) indestructible, they’re a safe way for your dog… Read More

The Best Indestructible Dog Toys

All dogs should have toys to play with, but when your four-legged friend destroys any toy you buy within minutes, you may feel like it’s futile. Opt for indestructible dog toys, however, and they’ll last your canine companion far longer. Of course, no dog toy is truly indestructible, but we have some options that will… Read More

The Best Dog Ball Launchers

When a dog loves to play fetch, he’ll drop toy after toy at your feet until you throw them. This can get tiring, and we often burn out faster than our dogs. A dog ball launcher helps ease the shoulder burden of constantly throwing a ball. Available as either manual or automatic, dog ball launchers… Read More

The Best Dog Puzzle Toys

We all love to do a puzzle, so much so the daily newspapers have a dedicated section in them. Word puzzles, number puzzles, it doesn’t matter, we love being challenged. And our pets are no different. Dogs are highly intelligent creatures and just as science has proved if we keep our human brains active we… Read More

The Best Interactive Dog Toys

While we would all love to spend the entire day playing with our four-legged friend, chances are that just isn’t a reality. And it often doesn’t take long to find out that a bored dog can be a curious one at best, and a destructive one at worst. More than a few of us have… Read More

The Best Dog Pools

Any dog owner with a backyard and warm weather could benefit from buying a pool for their furry family member. If you live in a warmer climate, it’s an excellent addition to your backyard so your dog can play outside for hours without overheating. Dog pools also can help when it comes to giving your… Read More