The Best Indestructible Dog Beds

If you routinely come home to find your dog’s bed is nothing but fluff and shreds of material, it’s time to look for an indestructible dog bed. Your dog might try to chew everything in sight, but she still deserves a comfortable bed to sleep on. As any owner of a destructive chewer will know, the… Read More

The Best Heated Dog Beds

You know how wonderful it feels to settle into a nice, comfy bed with a heated blanket on a cold day? Did you know that you can give your dog that same feeling with a heated dog bed? But not only are heated dog beds good for just creating a warm, cozy place to sleep,… Read More

People use hot water bottles and heating pads for lots of reasons. They provide comfort, keep us cozy, and help to ease pain and discomfort from injuries, cramps or chronic conditions. Well, your dog is no different! We all want our pets to be as comfortable as possible, and a warm bed goes a long… Read More

The Best Dog Crate Furniture

As pet parents the responsibility of where our pups sleep should never be taken lightly, because sometimes what your dog needs and what they want are two very different things. If your pup is young or has hyperactive tendencies, sometimes you need somewhere to pop them for a little quiet time. But that isn’t to… Read More

The Best Chew Proof Dog Beds

When you have a dog that likes to chew, you know how frustrating it can be to lose hundreds of dollars worth of your belongings. It seems that many dogs have a particular interest in chewing on their beds. Instead of wasting money, what if you could buy a chew proof dog bed that would… Read More

The Best Dog Playpens

Obviously, you adore your dog, but that doesn’t mean that he or she gets free reign of the house or yard all the time. Sometimes you need to corral your pup into one area. That’s why dog playpens are an essential accessory for every dog owner. We reviewed dozens of dog playpens to identify the… Read More

The Best Dog Ramps

A dog ramp is a necessity in many situations, not a luxury. It is designed to help your dog walk on a flat surface where there isn’t one, while still maintaining even body-weight distribution. Ramps can reduce pressure on joints, and make it possible for older, arthritic, or extra large dogs to safely get from… Read More

The Best Dog Steps & Stairs

Almost every dog owner before getting their pup will have said, “The dog’s never going on the sofa/bed,” and then five minutes after the dog arrives, the dog is on the sofa/bed. Because our pups are our family, they need to be wherever we are. But sometimes they need a helping hand getting on and… Read More

The Best Dog Beds

After dog food, dog beds are some of the most important choices pet parents will make. This becomes even more important as a dog ages and they start to experience aches and pains. We took a look through dozens of dog beds to identify the best of the best. We looked through different options and… Read More

Large dog laying on bed

Your pooch spends a lot of time in his bed — snoozing, relaxing, and just hanging out. You need a bed that provides comfort and holds up to the wear and tear of daily use. If you have a large dog, you have an even bigger challenge: finding a bed that’s big enough for his… Read More