Dog with boots in the snow

Dogs need foot protection just like people do. You probably wouldn’t walk on hot pavement or go trail running barefoot, and going out without the right footgear can be uncomfortable for your dog, too. That’s why it’s essential to find the right dog boots for your pup. Dog boots protect your dog’s feet from heat,… Read More

The Best Dog Memorial Stones

The day inevitably comes when we have to say goodbye to our amazing dogs. It’s never easy, and there isn’t much, if anything, that makes it better. But showing our love and honoring our dogs through memorial objects may help ease the hurt and lessen the pain we feel at the loss. Memorial stones offer… Read More

The Best Dog Dresses

There is nothing like throwing on a new dress and heading outside! It is such a fun feeling. While we may have a closetful of dresses, what about our furry friends? Our best pals, our dogs? We can have fun dressing them up, as well! From frilly and floral to fun and funky, there are… Read More

The Best Dog Life Vests

Not all dogs know how to swim, and certain breeds may have trouble learning, due to body composition. And even the most experienced swimmer can get tired in the water. So how do you safely take your pup with you the next time you venture to the lake or go for a boat ride? With… Read More

The Best Service Dog Vests

For many people, service dogs play an irreplaceable role in their life. They serve as a second pair of eyes, hands, and act as a source of comfort. These beloved animals bring their owners’ independence and build confidence. Service dog vests give owners more control and a way to identify their dog as a service… Read More

The Best Dog Blankets

Dogs love their comfort. They will go out of their way to find a soft, cozy spot to take a snooze. They take over our couches and beds, and sleep contentedly among our blankets and pillows. So why not get them their own? Adding dog blankets to your pile of doggie items (dog hoodies, dog… Read More

The Best Dog Shirts

Anyone who owns a dog usually wants to buy them apparel at a certain point. Dog shirts can serve a wide variety of needs such as keeping them warm in colder temps, looking cute and stylish during holidays, give them comfort, or to prevent them from itching. For some dogs who feel stressed out, constantly… Read More

The Best Dog Clothes

Your dog is so much more than a pet. He is your companion when you’re lonely, your friend when you need an ear to listen, and a body to hug; he’s your playmate, your walking buddy, and your furbaby. We get it, your dog is one of the family. And sometimes family members get cold… Read More

The Best Dog Coats

Your dog probably loves the outdoors as much as the next pooch, but he likely doesn’t enjoy being outside in frigid cold temperatures. If you live in an area with cold fall and winter months, your dog might benefit from wearing a dog coat when you take him outside for walks or play time. Dog… Read More

The Best Dog Costumes

Your dog is adorable just as he is, but sometimes you might want to boost his appeal and put him in a costume. Costumes for dogs range from holiday-specific attire to outfits that you put on him “just because.” You might dress up your pup for a special occasion like a wedding or simply to… Read More