Dog in field with a gps tracker

As a conscientious dog owner, you want to keep your pet safe and secure. You take him for walks, feed him high-quality dog food, and take him for all of his checkups. But even the most diligent pet parent can lose their pet. He can slip out the front door, dig his way out of the backyard, or break free while out on your walks. That’s why GPS trackers are so helpful. They can help you pinpoint the exact location of your pooch if he runs away, so you can find him quickly and get him home to safety.

We’ve reviewed dozens of GPS dog trackers to identify the best, highest-quality, most reliable GPS tracker at any budget, based on factors such as quality of materials, Amazon ratings, and other considerations. We narrowed our search down to five of the top-rated GPS dog tracker that are on the market today.

Best GPS Dog Collar and Tracker Overall
Fi Smart Dog Collar

After a well-designed, reliable, and easy-to-use GPS dog tracker that’s also comfortable for your dog to wear? The Fi Smart Dog Tracker is your best bet.

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We’ve identified the Fi Smart Dog Collar as the best GPS dog tracker and collar. It makes tracking your dog’s whereabouts and activity levels super simple, thanks to its superior tracking technology and easy-to-use app. This, coupled with the fact that countless customers have raved about how well-designed and handy it is, makes it an excellent choice for any and all dog owners.

The 5 Top-Rated Best GPS Dog Trackers & Collars

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best GPS Dog Tracker Overall Fi Smart Dog Collar4.8
Best OverallWhistle GO Explore Health & Location Tracker for Dogs4.6
Best Budget GPS Dog TrackerTractive GPS Dog Tracker4.2
Best GPS Dog Tracker with Long-Distance TrackingPetFon Pet GPS Tracker4.3
Best Dog Tracker for TrainingGarmin Alpha 100 Bundle4.7

*Ratings are from Amazon and other sources at the time of publication and can change

Best GPS Dog Tracker and Collar Overall: Fi Smart Dog Collar

The Fi Smart Dog Collar has quickly earned a solid reputation as the GPS dog collar and tracker to buy. It’s not hard to see why, considering that it boasts an intuitive design, state-of-the-art tracking technology, a built-in LED light, long battery life, and an easy-to-use app. What’s more, it’s compact, lightweight, and comfortable for your dog to wear, making it a top choice for dogs and their owners alike. 

Using the Fi mobile app, your whole family can quickly see where your dog is at any given time. It’s all thanks to the fact that this device uses highly-advanced GPS technology, which tracks your dog’s location with incredible speed and accuracy. To get technical, this device’s GPS technology uses three constellations of satellites as well as the LTE-M cellular network, which boasts a signal that reaches about 30% farther than 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE networks. It’s worth keeping in mind that the Fi Smart Dog Smart Collar pioneered using the LTE-M cellular network in this way, and has remained one of the few GPS dog collar and trackers to offer it. 

The Fi Smart Dog Collar would already be worth buying for these functions alone. However, its functionality extends far beyond this. It also enables you to create a custom geofence and will alert you if your dog escapes. Amazingly, this collar even tracks your pooch’s activity levels for you. Yes, that’s right—the app includes a step counter and shows you how your dog’s activity levels compare to other dogs wearing Fi Collars. So when you think about it, the Fi Smart Dog Collar is basically a multifunctional purchase that will help you stay on top of your dog’s whereabouts and their health. What more could you want in a GPS collar and tracker?

Fi Smart Dog Collar Key Features:

  • Advanced GPS tracking
  • Geofence feature
  • Super-fast escape detection
  • Built-in LED light
  • 100% waterproof up to nearly 5ft.
  • Long battery life
  • Can withstand more than 300lbs of pull force
  • Free shipping
  • 1-year warranty
  • Requires a yearly subscription (which works out to only around $1.89 per week).

Best Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker: Whistle GO Explore Health & Location Tracker

Best Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker
Whistle GO Explore Health & Location Tracker for Dogs

A premium GPS tracker that offers real-time tracking and instant notifications.

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If you’re looking for a reliable GPS tracker that’s completely waterproof, look no further than the Whistle GO Explore Health & Location Tracker. The Whistle unit is small (1.6 inches by 1.3 inches by .6 inches) and weighs less than an ounce. It attaches to collars up to 1 inch wide. The Whistle uses GPS to determine your dog’s location and then sends the location to your smartphone via 3G cellular service on the AT&T network.

While many pet trackers use Bluetooth, this technology only provides a limited range of about a 100 feet or so. The combination of GPS and 3G provides reliable coverage all over the US, which gives you peace of mind. Whistle also allows you to use wi-fi at home or wherever you want to designate a “safe place”. When your pet is within the range of Wi-Fi, it will switch from 3G to wireless to preserve battery life. If your pet goes outside of the designated range, it will send an alert to your phone and will automatically switch back to using the 3G network. Due to these features, the Whistle tracker has an extended battery life of about 6 or 7 days. If your pet is continuously outside of the Wi-Fi range, you can expect 1 or 2 days on a charge.

Reviewers love that tracker is extremely precise as to location – usually within 10 to 15 feet. Reviewers also claim that the required iPhone and Andriod app is easy to set up and use. When you open the app, it shows your pet’s most recent location on a map or satellite view. You can also follow your pet’s travel for the past 24 hours. In addition, the app shows your current location so you can determine the quickest way to get to your pet. There is also an activity mode that details how much exercise your pet gets per day. Finally, the app shows you the battery charge of the tracker and sends you an alert if it runs low.

Whistle GO Explore Health & Location Tracker Key Features:

  • Requires a monthly subscription with plans starting as low as $6.95 a month
  • 100% waterproof so your pet can even go swimming with the tracker
  • Small in size and weight for your pet to wear
  • Includes a collar attachment that fits collars up to 1 inch wide
  • Allows you to preprogram the app to  send you an alert when your pet goes out of designated “safe places”
  • For use on pets 8 pounds and up

Best Budget GPS Dog Tracker: Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Best Budget GPS Dog Tracker
Tractive GPS Dog Tracker
The Tractive GPS Dog Tracker is not only affordable, it’s also designed for comfort and ease-of-use.

If you’re looking for a tracking tag that’s reasonably-priced and works effectively, look no further than the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker. The Tractive tracker is a lightweight and waterproof GPS tracking device. It easily attaches to any collar or harness. Service plans start at just $4.99 a month. This tracker allows you to pinpoint your pet’s location in real time location via the free Tractive GPS App for iOS or Android.

It allows you to set up a “virtual fence,” and will give you an instant notification when your pet leaves that location. The tracker also shows the location history of your pet, giving you an idea of where your pet has recently been. The device features a two-to-five-day battery life, depending on signal strength and device usage.

Reviewers say they are extremely pleased with the accuracy, usability, and design of the device. They love the fact that it tracks in real time so they can always pinpoint the exact location of their pet. They also like that it’s small and compact and fits easily onto their pet’s collar.

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker Key Features:

  • Small, lightweight, and 100% waterproof
  • A “virtual fence” that notifies you whenever your pet leaves a designated safe area
  • Allows real-time tracking
  • Requires a monthly service fee

Best GPS Dog Tracker with Long-Distance Tracking: PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

Best GPS Dog Tracker with Long-Distance Tracking
PetFon Pet GPS Tracker
PetFon Pet GPS Tracker comes highly recommended due to its accurate real-time tracking and lack of monthly fees.

The PetFon Pet GPS Tracker is a stylish and durable real-time GPS dog tracker that makes tracking your dog at long distances easy. Thanks to its embedded high-gain, laser-carving antenna, it is able to track ranges up to 0.65 miles in downtown or dense spaces. In more open environments, it can track ranges up to 3.5 miles. It’s small, lightweight, and compact, making it comfortable for your dog to wear. It also includes handy features such as geofencing and the ability to record voice commands for your dog.

Notably, you won’t need to pay a single cent in service fees or monthly fees in order to use it. This is possible because it leverages Google’s big data interface to provide Wi-Fi-assisted location tracking. The downside, however, is that you’ll experience tracking inaccuracies if there’s a lag in the Wi-Fi connection. 

Reviewers love that it accurately tracks their fluff balls without a fuss. Due to the real-time GPS tracking, owners find that they are never a moment behind their pup’s moves. Reviewers also like that this option doesn’t have any monthly fees and can be used straight out of the box. It has an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars from around 100 customers, so it’s something of an undiscovered gem! 

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker Key Features:

  • Real-time tracking
  • No monthly fees
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Customizable voice command

Best GPS Dog Tracker for Training: Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle

Best GPS Dog Tracker for Training
Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle
Whether you want to track or train your dog, this impressive GPS dog tracker for Garmin won’t let you down.

The Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle is a high-end GPS dog tracker that makes training and tracking your dog a breeze. In terms of its training features, the Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle comes complete with a total of 18 levels of momentary and 18 levels of continuous stimulation training programs. These easy-to-use programs are designed to help you quickly and easily reach your dog’s training goals.  

This device’s tracking abilities are equally impressive, partially thanks to the fact that its GPS uses Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) technology. For those unfamiliar with GLONASS, it’s basically a space-based satellite navigation system that can offer more accurate tracking capabilities that regular GPS. We also rate the Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle’s detailed preloaded maps, easy-to-use touchscreen display, and virtual fence feature. 

The main problem we found with this option is its high price. There’s no getting around the fact that it will set you back a pretty penny. But it’s worth pointing out that numerous reviewers stated that its high price is more than justified given how well it works, and that it has a ultra-high average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from nearly 200 customers.

Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle Key Features:

  • Battery life of 20-40 hours
  • GPS which uses GLONASS technology
  • Touchscreen display
  • Tracking range of up to 9 miles

Who Should Buy a GPS Dog Tracker

As dog owners, we would all like to think our dogs will never escape or run away. Unfortunately, you never know when your dog could get lost or even stolen. Your dog can slip out the front door (much easier if you have an automatic opening dog door), dig a hole under the fence, or break free while out on a walk when you least expect it. A GPS dog tracker gives you peace of mind that if your pet does escape, you have an easy way to locate him. You can eliminate the need to scour the neighboorhood, post flyers, or contact the local animal shelter. Just open your app or other tracking device to find your pet quickly and bring him back home to safety.

A tracking device is also useful when taking your pet along on hikes or camping trips. If your pet bolts or gets lost in unfamiliar surroundings, you always know right where he is via the GPS tracker.

Best GPS Dog Collar and Tracker Overall
Fi Smart Dog Collar

After a well-designed, reliable, and easy-to-use GPS dog tracker that’s also comfortable for your dog to wear? The Fi Smart Dog Tracker is your best bet.

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Important Features to Consider

A GPS dog tracker should be as reliable and accurate as to the location of your pet. It should also be durable and secure. Here’s what to consider when selecting a GPS Dog Tracker:

  • Cellular GPS, radio, or Bluetooth? There are three main types of GPS trackers for your dog: cellular GPS, radio, and Bluetooth. Cellular GPS trackers use cellular data and towers to transmit the GPS location of the tracking device to an app on your cell phone. They work almost anywhere and anytime, so long as there is sufficient cellular service. These typically allow you to pinpoint your pet’s location in real time, but do require a monthly service fee. Radio trackers work similarly to a walkie-talkie. These devices do not require cellular service or a monthly fee. They’re perfect for remote areas and typically offer a range of about six to ten miles. Bluetooth devices connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth. The range is much shorter, usually just a few miles. They’re usually much cheaper than radio or cellular trackers, but they don’t offer as much peace of mind due to the short range.
  • Collar or tracking tag? Some GPS tracking devices feature a small, lightweight tag that attaches directly onto your pet’s existing collar. Alternatively, some devices come already attached to a collar that you simply place on your pet. The benefit of a tracking collar is that it won’t get easily dislodged or fall off since the device is actually built into the collar. However, collars can be bulky or heavy for smaller dogs. In this case, a lightweight and compact tracking tag might be a better option. When choosing a device, make sure it is recommended for the size of your pet. Also, ensure that it has good ratings that it is secure and won’t dislodge easily.
  • Accurate. Most cellular GPS trackers track your pet in real time, so you can pinpoint his exact location and find him easily. Others have a slight delay of 5 seconds or up to three minutes. Check reviews to ensure that the device you choose is accurate as to the location of your pet.
  • Additional features. Many pet trackers offer additional features outside of similar GPS tracking. Some track your pet’s daily activity to ensure he’s getting enough exercise. Some even track the temperature of your pet to make sure he doesn’t overheat or get too cold.  If these features are important to you, ensure you purchase a tracker that comes complete with everything you’re looking for.
  • Waterproofing. Most GPS trackers are waterproof, which is important so that you do not lose contact with your pet’s device if your pet goes swimming or gets stuck in a rainstorm, especially in an emergency situation. Some even offer tracking capability up to ten feet underwater, which is important if your pet likes to swim.
  • Durability. Lastly, you’ll want to ensure that your tracker is durable and won’t easily fall off or get dislodged during use. Your device should fit your pet securely so it doesn’t get caught on branches or damaged while running.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GPS dog tracker and how does it work?

A GPS dog tracker can transmit your dog’s location from a device your pet wears to an app on your phone or a handheld device. There are several different types of trackers that work in different ways. Cellular GPS trackers use cellular data to determine the GPS location of the tracking device to an app on your phone. Radio trackers use radio frequencies that transmit your pet’s location to a handheld device, similar to a walkie-talkie. Bluetooth devices connect to your cell phone via a Bluetooth signal.

Are GPS dog trackers waterproof?

Many GPS dog trackers are waterproof. This ensures that the device does not lose its connection with your phone or handheld device if your pet goes for a swim or gets caught in a rainstorm. Some trackers will even continue tracking while your pet is in (or even many feet under) water, while others will lose service until your pet exits the water.

Do microchips have GPS?

Microchips do not have GPS and are not tracking devices. Instead, a microchip contains a unique ID number that is used to retrieve the pet owner’s contact information. When an animal shelter or veterinarian swipes a handheld scanner over the microchip, it reads the radio frequency of the chip and displays the necessary information.

Do GPS dog trackers require Wi-Fi?

GPS dog trackers may require Wi-Fi, but it depends on the specifics of the tracker you choose. Some cellular GPS trackers switch back and forth from cellular data use to Wi-Fi similarly to a cell phone. Trackers, like the Whistle GO Explore, require Wi-Fi as a “safe space” and will alert you if your pet goes outside of the Wi-Fi range. Radio and Bluetooth trackers do not require Wi-Fi.

Other GPS Dog Trackers We Reviewed

Best GPS Dog Collar and Tracker Overall
Fi Smart Dog Collar

After a well-designed, reliable, and easy-to-use GPS dog tracker that’s also comfortable for your dog to wear? The Fi Smart Dog Tracker is your best bet.

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We looked at 20 other GPS dog trackers. Even though they didn’t make our five best GPS dog tracker list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option for your pet. The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing.

Dog Tracking Collars

BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar

Black and Decker Smart Dog Collar

The Black and Decker Collar allows you to set up your own customized geofence “safe area” zones. The collar itself is made of silicone and is water resistant up to three feet.

Key Features:

  • 2-way audio allowing you to call your pet home, reassure them, and hear them respond
  • OLED display shows your dog’s name and your contact information
  • Uses T-mobile 2G coverage

Cost: $159.99

TKSTAR Mini WiFi Pet GPS Tracker

TKSTAR Mini GPS Pet Tracker

The TKSTAR Mini tracker features fast GPS location. The tracker will pinpoint your dog’s location within 10 seconds and then continues to update his location in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Small and lightweight – even suitable for puppies and small dogs
  • Accurate to within 5 meters
  • 100% waterproof

Cost: $56.99

Genmine Smart WiFi Pet GPS Tracker

Genmine Smart WIFi Pet Tracker

The Genmine pet tracker is made of high-quality silicone and ABS material. It is waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof.

Key Features:

  • Includes a smart LED light that turns on in the dark
  • Uses the GSM quad band network
  • Battery lasts up to four days on a single charge

Cost: $60.99

PETCARE New Fashion Design Dog GPS Tracker Collar

PETCARE New Fashion Design Dog GPS Tracker

In addition to tracking your pet’s location, the PETCARE tracker lets you monitor your pet health and fitness, and schedule and alert when to take medication. The device also allows you to interact with your pet with a built-in speaker and microphone

Key Features:

  • Requires the purchase of a separate SIM card
  • Comes in black, red, and white
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to three days

Cost: $67.99

Gibi 2nd Gen Pet GPS Tracker

Gibi 2nd Gen Pet GPS Tracker

The second generation Gibi tracker features a compact, lightweight, waterproof design with a longer battery life and improved location accuracy in densely wooded areas.

Key Features:

  • Uses an aggregate of AT&T, T-Mobile, and a number of local carriers to provide ultimate coverage
  • Allows you to create multiple safe zones in any sized polygon
  • Requires subscription to Gibi’s service at $9.99 per month or $99 per year

Cost: $99.99

SupremeLife Mini GPS Tracker

SupremeLife Pet Mini GPS Tracker

The SupremeLife tracker allows you to set your home address as the safe area. If your pet goes out of the safe range, it will send an alarm.

Key Features:

  • Uses both GPS and LBS
  • Requires a GSM SIM card from your carrier of choice
  • Includes remote voice monitoring

Cost: $42.99

Garmin Astro 430/T 5 Dog Tracking Bundle

Garmin Astro Tracking Bundle

The Garmin Astro Bundle includes a dog tracking collar and handheld tracking device. It uses high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite reception to locate dogs up to nine miles away

Key Features:

  • Does not require a subscription service
  • Includes 100,000 preloaded topographical maps
  • Shows distance traveled, time exercising, and more to track your pet’s health

Cost: $649.99

Garmin TT 15 Mini Dog Device

Garmin TT 15 Mini Dog Device


The Garmin Mini device includes just the tracking collar and requires the handheld tracking device to be purchased separately. The Mini color is intended for use on smaller dogs.

Key Features:

  • Uses high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite reception
  • Designed for smaller breeds measuring as small as 9.5 inches around the neck
  • Battery life lasts 16 to 30 hours

Cost: $299.99

SportDOG Brand TEK Series GPS Tracking Systems

SportDog Brand TEK Series 2.0 GPS Tracking System

The SportDOG tracking system includes a tracking collar and handheld tracking device. Features HopTek technology using GPS satellites, not cell service, to track your dog up to 10 miles away.

Key Features:

  • Includes 100,000 topographical maps with unlimited map updates, no subscription required
  • The handheld device and collar are both 100% waterproof
  • The device shows the direction your dog is headed, the path they took to get there, and whether they are moving or stopped

Cost: $799.95

Dog Tracking Tags

Find My Pet GPS Classic Dog Tracker

Find My Pet GPS Tracker

The Find My Pet GPS Tracker uses 2G cellular service for real-time tracking. It requires a one-year subscription to the Find My Pet GPS.

Key Features:

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Accurate within 5-10 feet

Cost: $64.99

Beafup Pet GPS Collar Tracker

Beafup Pet GPS Collar Tracker

This black and pink GPS tracker GPS Tracker is water-resistant, dustproof and shockproof. It uses a SIM Card with 2g GSM.

Key Features:

  • The battery lasts up to 30 hours
  • Displays 90-day historical route to see where your pet has been
  • Allows you to set a safe area for your pet on the app

Cost: $46.99

Xingqijia GPS Pet Tracker

Xingqijia GPS Pet Tracker

With a sleek and modern design, the Xingqijia Pet Tracker is only 0.7 ounces and 2.5 by 1.5 inches to fit easily on any collar (even flea collars!). It has a long-lasting battery of up to 120 hours.

Key Features:

  • Made of 100% silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Includes one-year warranty

Cost: $29.99

Find My Pet GPS Nano GPS Dog Tracker

Find My Pet GPS Nano

The Find My Pet GPS Nano uses a combination of cellular service, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If it loses contact with the cellular satellites, it will use available Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals to track and locate your pet.

Key Features:

  • Requires a cellular subscription of $4.99 a month
  • Automatically tracks in real time with updates every minute
  • Battery lasts two to four days

Cost: $68.45

DAGPS Pet GPS Tracker

DAGPS Pet GPS Tracker

The DAGPS tracker uses GPS/SMS position to pinpoint your pet within five meters in Google Maps. The “Playback” feature allows you to know the trajectory of your pet.

Key Features:

  • The high-strength waterproof material allows the GPS to track pets even in water
  • Enables you to set up an electronic fence “safe area” for your pet
  • Allows up to 5 authorized phone numbers to monitor your pet

Cost: $56.99

PABY 3G GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

PABY Pet Tracker

The PABY tracker uses the 3G Vodafone network to track your pet and features real-time tracking. You can also set up an unlimited number of safe zones with the virtual fence feature and receive an alert when your pet enters or leaves a zone.

Key Features:

  • Comes in six different colors and patterns
  • Requires a monthly subscription of $3.99
  • Includes LED light and sound to aid in finding your pet

Cost: $49.99

Girafus Cat Dog pro-TRACK-tor Tracker

Girafus pro-TRACK-tor Tracker

The Girafus tracker doesn’t require a monthly fee. Instead, it uses 2.4GHz RF-technology to transmit a radio signal between the collar tag and the base station.

Key Features:

  • One of the smallest and lightweight trackers at just .28 ounces
  • Includes a range up to 1600 feet (in clear line of sight)
  • Collar tag and the base station beep when searching for your pet

Cost: $79.99

ANKIA Smart Tag Bluetooth Anti-lost Tracker

ANIKA Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker

The ANKIA tracker is a small Bluetooth tracker that electronically connects to your cell phone. It’s super thin and lightweight and easily connects to your pet’s collar.

Key Features:

  • Includes an extra battery
  • The tracking device beeps and flashes to easily find your pet in the dark
  • Range about 50 meters outdoors and 30 meters indoors

Cost: $18.99

AIBEILE Personal Mini Micro GPS Tracker

AIBEILE Personal Mini Micro GPS Tracker

The AIBEILE tracker is compact, lightweight and reliable. It features real-time accuracy using GPS, AGPS, and LBS positioning and GSM Quad-band frequency.

Key Features:

  • GSM 2G Network SIM card not included
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • The “Previous track playback” feature can show the route map for your pet’s travels up to three months ago

Cost: $35.99

Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker

Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker

The Pod 3 tracker is one of the smallest GPS pet trackers and fits any size collar. It features escape alerts, activity monitoring, and adventure recording.

Key Features:

  • Includes a free lifetime cellular subscription
  • Four tracking technologies allow you to track your pet indoors and outdoors
  • Includes an extra rechargeable battery

Cost: $89.00

goTele GPS Tracker

goTele GPS Tracker

The goTele tracker allows users to communicate directly from goTele device to goTele device without cell service or Wi-Fi. It requires two devices to use.

Key Features:

  • Uses independent GPS, no signal required and provides real-time tracking
  • Allows you to set up an electronic fence for your pet
  • 100% water and weather resistant

Cost: $129.00 each

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