A dog fence can keep your dog from getting into the street, causing trouble in the neighborhood, and protecting him from other animals in the area. Fencing for dogs can vary from invisible models to metal fences with panels.  The size and layout of your property and how often you need the fencing make a… Read More

The Best Dog Training Treats

The way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach. That’s the same direction you take to gain obedience, too. Dog training treats give your dog instant rewards during training sessions. The small, bite-sized morsels keep him attentive and trying his best. The best dog training treats also have good nutrition, so they’re a healthy… Read More

The Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

People aren’t the only ones whose joints get stiff with age. Arthritis strikes dogs as often as humans, especially as they head into their golden years. CBD oils can successfully help with pain relief, anxiety, and many other issues that can make your dog (and sometimes you) miserable. For the sake of safety, you should… Read More

The Best Dog Repellent Sprays

A dog may be a person’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean he always behaves himself. Dog repellent sprays are used as training tools to stop unwanted behavior like urine marking or chewing as well as a protective aid against dog aggression. Some formulas are designed for indoor and outdoor use, while others are meant… Read More

The Best Dog Carriers

It makes sense to take your favorite four-legged family member along with you on trips and outdoor adventures. However, some pups don’t have the physique or stamina to keep up with a daylong bike ride or hike into the mountains. Other times, like when you’re heading off on an airplane, you need a simple, lightweight… Read More

The Best Dog Poop Bags

Poop piles next to the sidewalk or in a park are a no-go. Yet, your dog is going to go when he’s going to go. That makes dog poop bags an absolute necessity for many dog owners. However, have you ever had the wonderful experience of the bag breaking just as you’re picking up the… Read More

The Best Dog Shampoos

Regular, consistent grooming is all part of taking care of your dog. However, when it comes to bathing, people shampoo isn’t the best choice. A dog’s unique pH balance has different needs than a human’s. Dog shampoos address those needs, such as natural cleansers or flea and tick treatments. Other dogs may have allergies or… Read More

The Best Service Dog Vests

For many people, service dogs play an irreplaceable role in their life. They serve as a second pair of eyes, hands, and act as a source of comfort. These beloved animals bring their owners’ independence and build confidence. Service dog vests give owners more control and a way to identify their dog as a service… Read More

The Best Dog Grooming Tables

Whether you need to fluff and primp for competition or give your dog a wash and cut to keep him cool, a grooming table puts your dog at an accessible height that saves your back and keeps your dog secure. With a grooming table, you don’t need to stoop, kneel, or lie on the floor… Read More

The Best Dog Car Seat Covers

You may love taking your dog in the car, but you probably don’t love the hair and drool on your seats. Then, of course, there’s the occasional accident or upset stomach. Dog car seat covers to protect your upholstery, carpeting, and your sanity. They’re simple to install, easier to clean than your car’s upholstery, and… Read More