It’s as easy as ever to feed your dog (or dogs) whole, nutritious food, without the hassle of spending hours in the kitchen prepping, cooking, and measuring. No more boring, brown, bits of kibble, though – these services feature real ingredients from real farms, just like you would eat. Even the pickiest eaters love real… Read More

The Best Dog Car Barriers

Most dogs do not know how to sit still in a car. For them, it’s a glass box with a 360-degree view of the outside world. And they’re stuck inside. This often results in the ‘pinball dog’ – the one who bounces all over the vehicle, from the front to back and back to front,… Read More

The Best Dog Agility Training Equipment

For dogs who are active and love a challenge, agility is a fun way to enhance their mental and physical fitness. If your dog likes to jump and climb, and is the curious type, agility training equipment could be part of your exercise routine. With obstacles like the tunnel and weave poles, your pooch will… Read More

The Best Dog Memorial Stones

The day inevitably comes when we have to say goodbye to our amazing dogs. It’s never easy, and there isn’t much, if anything, that makes it better. But showing our love and honoring our dogs through memorial objects may help ease the hurt and lessen the pain we feel at the loss. Memorial stones offer… Read More

The Best Dog Life Vests

Not all dogs know how to swim, and certain breeds may have trouble learning, due to body composition. And even the most experienced swimmer can get tired in the water. So how do you safely take your pup with you the next time you venture to the lake or go for a boat ride? With… Read More

The Best Dog Dewormers

Worms. If the thought of your dog having worms gives you the heebie-jeebies, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to prevent your dog from getting worms in the first place. But if you have already found worms in your pup’s stool, or have had it verified through a fecal test by your veterinarian,… Read More

The Best Dog Blankets

Dogs love their comfort. They will go out of their way to find a soft, cozy spot to take a snooze. They take over our couches and beds, and sleep contentedly among our blankets and pillows. So why not get them their own? Adding dog blankets to your pile of doggie items (dog hoodies, dog… Read More

The Best Dog Ball Launchers

When a dog loves to play fetch, he’ll drop toy after toy at your feet until you throw them. This can get tiring, and we often burn out faster than our dogs. A dog ball launcher helps ease the shoulder burden of constantly throwing a ball. Available as either manual or automatic, dog ball launchers… Read More

The Best Dog Wheelchairs

Whether our dogs are younger or older, keeping our furry family members mobile is important to many of us. It can be difficult for a dog to have quality of life when he can’t move around much. Dog wheelchairs offer your pooch the opportunity to keep walking, running, and enjoying life. With improved mobility, dogs… Read More

The Best Pet Carpet Cleaners

Having a pet means cleaning your carpets at one point or another. Sometimes, you just need to spot clean; other times, you need to wash your entire floor. Likewise, there are times when you just want to use a quick spray, and other times when you would prefer a cleaning tool or machine do the… Read More