It’s as easy as ever to feed your dog (or dogs) whole, nutritious food, without the hassle of spending hours in the kitchen prepping, cooking, and measuring. No more boring, brown, bits of kibble, though – these services feature real ingredients from real farms, just like you would eat. Even the pickiest eaters love real… Read More

The Best Retractable Dog Leashes

A sturdy dog leash is an essential piece of equipment that allows you to walk your pup safely and securely. Retractable dog leashes are an alternative to traditional leashes. They are self-adjusting so your dog has more freedom to roam, making them popular with many pet parents. We researched dozens of retractable dog leashes to… Read More

The Best Dog Training Clickers

Training your dog to react to commands quickly and reliably can be a challenge, but some people find it easier using dog training clickers. When your dog follows a command correctly you click to mark the behavior and give a reward. It’s usually quicker to click, rather than saying “yes” or “good,” because you don’t… Read More

The Best Chicken Jerky for Dogs

Many dog-owners love to give their pups an occasional treat, and chicken jerky treats are a great way to not only reward your dog but also keep him busy for a few minutes. Most chicken jerky for dogs is chewy and takes a little while to eat, so handing your pooch one of these treats… Read More

The Best Senior Dog Food

As dogs get older, you may find their current diet no longer suits them well, in which case, it could be time to switch to a senior dog food. As older dogs tend to put on weight more easily, senior dog foods are lower in calories than regular adult dog foods. They also have high… Read More

The Best Flea Shampoos for Dogs

Dealing with a flea-ridden dog is nobody’s idea of fun. An outbreak of these small but formidable pests on your dog is not only bothersome for you, but also dangerous to your dog’s health. It’s therefore essential to have an effective plan of attack for both preventing fleas and getting rid of them if your… Read More

The Best Healthy Treats

Dogs love treats and they’re excellent rewards for good behavior, but too many could cause your dog to put on weight, plus some treats simply don’t contain quality ingredients. This is where healthy treats come in. These healthy dog treats may be low in calories, be made from organic ingredients, or contain natural ingredients only…. Read More

The Best Dog Training Treats

The way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach. That’s the same direction you take to gain obedience, too. Dog training treats give your dog instant rewards during training sessions. The small, bite-sized morsels keep him attentive and trying his best. The best dog training treats also have good nutrition, so they’re a healthy… Read More

The Best Dog Car Barriers

Most dogs do not know how to sit still in a car. For them, it’s a glass box with a 360-degree view of the outside world. And they’re stuck inside. This often results in the ‘pinball dog’ – the one who bounces all over the vehicle, from the front to back and back to front,… Read More